The Finest Dress Shirts


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Here’s what makes them the finest shirts
The Details

23-25 Stitches per inch

At this density the stitches become virtually invisible and the shirt looks seamlessly elegant. This is achieved with a combination of sophisticated machines, accurate machine settings, special sewing needles and rigorously researched fabrics, threads and sewing speeds. The result is a shirt that is one of the finest in the world. The best place to check the quality of the stitching on the shirt is the collar.

200 stitches in every buttonhole

Every buttonhole contains 200 stitches resulting in a smart look that allows for ease of buttoning and prevents the buttonholes from fraying. There is a unique horizontal buttonhole on the sleeve guard and lower front placket that allows for ease of movement. It also avoids tensing the shirt seams inside the trousers.

100% Egyptian Cotton

Our shirts are crafted using the finest cotton sourced from the best mills around the world like Thomas Mason, Cotonificio Alibini and others in Switzerland and India. Our premium shirts are made using 2-ply 120’s 100% Egyptian cotton fabric and the exclusive ones use 2-ply 140’s. These fine quality fabrics have a luxurious hand feel and are climate adaptive which make them suitable to wear all year round

Australian Mother of Pearl buttons

All our buttons are made using the highest quality Australian Mother of Pearl that have been crafted in Italy to offer durability, sheen and ease of buttoning. These high quality buttons add a touch of opulence to the shirt.

The finer details

1. Shank buttons
The buttons are wrapped to create space between the button and the shirt fabric. This makes buttoning simple as the buttons slip into buttonholes without tugging the fabric.

2. Removable collar stays
All our shirts have removable collar stays to preserve the shape and curvature of the collar.

3. French seams
A refined and delicate artisanal construction, resulting in a barely visible 3mm side seam giving the shirt a clean and luxurious finish.

4. Matched patterns
The patterns whether stripes or checks, are synchronized perfectly throughout the shirt. The patterns are also matched from shoulder to sleeve, a feature that is only found in the finest quality shirts.



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